Utilities Engineering Services

Aerial view of a water treatment plant in a rural setting, featuring multiple large circular and rectangular tanks and buildings, with vehicles indicating ongoing operations.

Empowering Reliable Infrastructure for Public and Private Utilities

At Reme and Associates, we understand the unique needs of public and private utility owners. We are dedicated to providing high-quality engineering and drafting services tailored to meet the specific requirements of utility projects. Our expertise spans the entire spectrum of engineering solutions necessary for the successful operation and maintenance of utility infrastructure.
We work closely with utility owners, plant managers, developers, and contractors, offering a comprehensive range of utilities engineering services. Our commitment to delivering reliable solutions ensures the seamless functioning and continuous improvement of utility systems.

Utilities Served

Our utilities engineering services encompass:

Structural Inspections and Evaluations

Structural Engineering and Drafting

Foundation Design


Site Layout Plans

Grading and Drainage Design

Utility Layout and Design (Water and Sewer)

Oil-Water Separators

Containment Design

SPCC Plans

Tank Design

Traffic Circulation Plans

Site Planning/Zoning Issues/Variances

Industrial Platforms and Access Design

Pipe and Cable Supports

Coating Evaluation and Specifications

Roof Inspections

Tower Analysis

Representative Utility Projects our Engineers have been involved with

Our professional strength lies not only in the direct engineering services we provide but also in our unique ability to coordinate with architects, construction contractors, and real estate firms. This collaborative approach ensures seamless project management and guarantees the delivery of structurally sound and efficient utility engineering solutions.
Contact Reme and Associates today to discuss your utilities engineering project and discover how our expert services can support the reliable and efficient functioning of your utility infrastructure. Partner with us for comprehensive engineering solutions tailored to your specific needs.