Site Planning and Zoning Services

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At Reme and Associates, we understand that many civil projects require thorough application and approval processes from local planning/zoning boards, as well as county and state agencies. With years of experience, our team has established a solid reputation for successfully navigating these processes, gaining approvals for various projects. We have extensive experience working with local boards and agencies throughout the tri-state area, and our principal engineers have provided expert testimony before these entities.

Navigating the Approval Process with Expertise

Our team of licensed Professional Engineers and Planners specializes in providing comprehensive Site Planning and Zoning Services. We bring our expertise to every project, ensuring that your plans comply with all necessary regulations while meeting your design goals. From the initial preparation of plans and reports to providing professional testimony before local boards, we are your trusted partner throughout the approval process.

Our Site Planning and Zoning Services Include

Preparation of Plans and Reports

We assist in preparing all the necessary plans and reports required for the submission process. Our team ensures that your documentation is accurate, comprehensive, and meets the requirements of local, county, and state agencies.

Development Application Assistance

Our experts provide guidance and assistance in preparing development applications for local, county, and state approvals. We streamline the application process, ensuring that all necessary documents and supporting materials are included to increase the likelihood of approval.

Professional Engineering and Planning Testimony

Reme and Associates’ experienced professionals are available to provide expert testimony before local boards. We leverage our technical knowledge and industry expertise to effectively communicate the merits of your project, addressing any concerns and ensuring a favorable outcome.

Approvals for Various Permits

We also offer assistance in preparing plans, reports, and applications for the following approvals as required:

Projects We Have Obtained Approval For

Our engineers have successfully obtained approval for a wide range of projects, including:

Partner with Reme & Associates for Your Site Plan and Zoning Needs

If you have a project that requires site plan and/or zoning board approval, Reme & Associates can provide the expertise and support you need. Our team is dedicated to helping you reach your design goals while adhering to your budget and timeline, without compromising on the quality of service. Trust us to navigate the complexities of the approval process and ensure compliance with regulations.

Efficient Site Planning and Zoning Solutions

Contact Reme & Associates, LLC today to discuss your site planning and zoning requirements. Our team is ready to assist you in achieving your project goals by delivering efficient, compliant, and high-quality site planning and zoning solutions.
Contact us today to discover how Reme & Associates can streamline your site planning and zoning process. Let’s bring your project to life while adhering to regulations and delivering exceptional results.