Structural Inspection Services

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Reme and Associates, LLC provides professional structural inspection services for various types of properties. Whether you require a residential structural evaluation, a foundation inspection, or an assessment of a commercial building, our highly trained engineers are equipped to perform thorough inspections and provide you with the information you need to make informed decisions. All inspections are conducted by Licensed Professional Engineers, ensuring the highest level of expertise and accuracy.

Comprehensive Structural Inspections

Our team specializes in a wide range of structural inspections, including:

Residential Structural Evaluation

We conduct comprehensive evaluations of residential properties to assess structural integrity, identify potential issues, and provide recommendations for necessary repairs or improvements.

Commercial Building Structural Evaluation

Our engineers perform detailed inspections of commercial buildings, evaluating the overall structural condition, identifying areas of concern, and offering expert recommendations for maintenance, repairs, or renovations.

Foundation Inspections

We specialize in foundation inspections to assess the stability and condition of residential and commercial foundations. Our inspections help identify foundation issues, such as cracks, settlement, or water damage, and provide solutions to ensure structural stability.

Evaluation for Building Additions

Our team conducts inspections to evaluate the structural feasibility and integrity of adding a new story to a home or building. We assess the existing structure, propose necessary modifications, and provide recommendations to support safe and successful building additions.

Evaluation for Rooftop Solar Panels

We perform inspections to assess the structural suitability and capacity of rooftops for installing solar panels. Our evaluations consider factors such as load-bearing capacity, structural modifications, and necessary reinforcements to accommodate solar installations.

Structural Inspections for
Failures or Collapse

In cases of structural failures or collapses, our experienced engineers conduct forensic inspections to determine the root cause, evaluate the extent of the damage, and provide expert analysis for remedial actions and future prevention.

Commercial Building Roof Inspections

Our team conducts thorough roof inspections for commercial buildings, identifying any structural issues, water damage, or areas requiring repairs or maintenance. We provide detailed reports and recommendations for roof condition and improvements.

Weld Inspections

We specialize in weld inspections to ensure the quality and integrity of welded connections in structural elements. Our inspections verify compliance with industry standards and identify any potential welding defects or weaknesses.

Inspection of Structural Repairs

We offer inspections for structural repairs to assess the quality and effectiveness of repair work conducted on residential and commercial structures. Our evaluations ensure that repairs meet the necessary standards and provide long-term structural integrity.

Engineering Oversight for Deep Foundation Systems

Our team provides engineering oversight for deep foundation systems, including various types of piling systems. We work closely with contractors and construction teams to ensure the proper installation and performance of deep foundation elements. Our engineers offer expertise in the following areas:

Pile Foundation Systems

Engineering Oversight

We provide comprehensive oversight during the installation process, ensuring adherence to design specifications, quality control, and safety protocols. Our engineers closely monitor pile installation techniques, driving equipment, and load-bearing capacities to ensure optimal performance.

Monitoring and Reporting Load Test

In addition to our inspection services, we offer monitoring and reporting for load tests conducted on deep foundation systems. Our team utilizes advanced monitoring techniques to measure and record load responses, providing accurate and reliable data for performance evaluation. We deliver comprehensive reports that outline load test results, including load-settlement curves, bearing capacities, and structural analysis.

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If you require a professional structural inspection, Reme and Associates, LLC is the trusted choice. We deliver high-quality inspections that adhere to your budget and timeline while providing exceptional service. Contact us today to schedule your structural inspection and receive accurate reports and expert recommendations for your property.
Contact us today to schedule your comprehensive structural inspection. Trust Reme and Associates to deliver accurate reports, expert recommendations, and peace of mind for your property’s structural integrity.