Structural CAD Services for Precise Design and Detailing

Black and white line drawing of a large, multi-level industrial building with a metal frame, pitched roof, support columns, stairs, and walkways, presented in a 3D perspective view.
Reme and Associates, LLC provides professional structural CAD services to cater to the diverse design and planning needs of our clients. With a team of experienced drafters and advanced software tools, we deliver high-quality CAD solutions for a wide range of projects, ensuring precise design representations and accurate detailing.

2D Drafting

Our experienced professional drafters excel in providing top-quality structural drafting services. We specialize in creating precise 2D drawings for various structural components, including:
“Photo of a person’s hands holding a calculator over a cluttered desk with architectural plans and models, a hard hat, a potted plant, a small model house, and rolled up blueprints, with the person wearing a blue collared shirt and sitting at a wooden desk in front of a window with natural light coming in.”
Photo of a dark blue calculator, yellow pencil with a red eraser, and a red 12-inch ruler placed on top of architectural blueprints spread out on a white surface.

Steel Detailing

Reme and Associates offers comprehensive steel detailing services to support the fabrication and erection of steel structures. Our detailing services cover a wide range of components, including:

Structures That Utilize Our CAD Services

Our structural CAD services cater to various types of structures, including:
A focused individual working on a large sheet of paper at a cluttered office desk, surrounded by papers, a computer monitor, and stationery, in a dimly lit office environment with blurred coworkers in the background.
3D rendering of a modern white floor plan for a house, surrounded by black and white architectural drawings and measurements, on a white background with a grid pattern.

3D Modeling

Our team specializes in creating detailed 3D models to provide a comprehensive visualization of structural designs. We offer 3D modeling services for a range of structures, including:

Steel Detailing Services

Our experienced staff combines fabrication experience with engineering expertise to deliver steel detailing services of exceptional quality. We produce fabricator and erector-friendly details while meeting the specific design requirements of each project. Our well-experienced team in structural and miscellaneous steel detailing, along with the latest software technology, ensures accurate and constructible drawings that promote seamless integration in project delivery. Our steel detailing services cover a wide range of projects, including:
Photo of two people working on a project together, one holding a pen and working on a blueprint, the other holding a yellow coffee cup and wearing a white shirt and black blazer, with a laptop on the table, in a room with a fireplace and natural light coming in from a window.

Partner with Reme and Associates for Precise Structural CAD Solutions

At Reme and Associates, we understand the critical importance of precise and accurate structural CAD services in the success of your design and construction projects. Our team of experienced drafters is dedicated to delivering high-quality work, ensuring precise design representations and detailed drawings. Partner with us to benefit from our commitment to quality, precision, and efficient project delivery.
Contact us today to discuss your structural CAD requirements and partner with Reme and Associates for precise and comprehensive CAD solutions tailored to your project’s needs. Let our experienced team enhance your design and construction processes with high-quality structural CAD services.