Reme and Associates, LLC understands the needs of the Telecommunication Facility owners and operators.  With years of experience serving most of the major players in the telecommunications industry, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our customers, covering the entire relevant spectrum of engineering solutions.

Reme and Associates, LLC works with telecommunications and tower owners, providing them with high-quality engineering and drafting services.



The typical services we provide for our Telecommunications clients include:

  • Specifications for new towers
  • Analysis of existing towers for equipment upgrades (monopole and freestanding and guyed lattice towers)
  • Tower reinforcement design
  • Tower Foundation Design and Analysis
  • Equipment support framing and foundation design
  • Site planning and zoning
  • Equipment compound layout plans


Representative Telecommunications Projects our Engineers have been involved with:


  • Addition of new cellular communications equipment to building roof top
  • Analysis if existing equipment mounts and towers for LTE equipment upgrades
  • Site planning and public testimony for New 150' monopole and equipment compound
  • Analysis of 1000' guyed lattice tower for addition of new antennas and equipment
  • Tower reinforcement designs for monopoles and lattice towers


Our professional strength is reflected time after time, not only in the direct professional services we provide, but also in our unique capability to integrate working teams, coordinating the projects with the architects, construction contractors and real estate firms. This highly orchestrated project management guarantees that our residential engineering services are unique and structurally sound. For budget friendly solutions and designs contact Reme and Associates, LLC today.









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