Renewable Energy


Reme & Associates, LLC has many years of experience in engineering for the solar and wind industry.  Our engineers have served many types of system owners and renewable energy designers and installers in their quest to provide affordable electricity.  We have served homeowners and business owners looking to install solar or wind, contractors, solar integration companies, electric utility providers, and solar equipment companies, in all phases of work from feasibility studies to engineering to construction.


Below are the services we can provide:


  • Solar Feasibility Analysis
  • Shading Studies
  • Preliminary Layouts
  • Structural Analysis for roof top PV layouts
  • Racking design and coordination
  • Ground Mount solar engineering including site planning/zoning, geotechnical, racking and foundation design
  • Electrical Engineering Services - Single Line Diagrams, Stringing and Voltage Drop Calculations, conduit layout
  • Utility Interconnection
  • Building Permit assistance
  • Code analysis
  • Wind Turbine siting, planning/zoning, foundation design
  • Load analysis for wind and seismic loads (roof top and ground mount)
  • Structural analysis of racking systems and components


Our engineers are always keeping track of changing trends in the solar and wind industry.  We are constantly monitoring changes in the industry whether it be solar modules, racking systems, inverters, or wind turbines.  We also constantly monitor changes in local and State land use regulations, and the building and electrical codes as it relates to the installation of renewable energy systems.


Our engineers have worked on the following types of projects:


  • Roof top analysis for 3 MW rooftop PV System covering 400,000 sf of commercial roof top.
  • Structural analysis for multiple Residential PV Systems
  • Solar Feasibility study for NJ School System
  • Racking system analysis for utility scale ground mount PV systems (70+ MW)
  • Detailed structural analysis for proprietary racking system for a racking company
  • Roof top analysis and foundation design for large North Jersey College Campus Solar installation
  • Design of custom carport and parking garage canopy solar systems
  • Design of rooftop Solar PV System for NJ National Guard Training Center
  • Residential and Municipal owned Wind Turbine foundation design



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