Reme and Associates, LLC understands the needs of residential homeowners and residential property managers. With over 20 years experience servicing the residential community, we tailor our services to meet the specific needs of our customers, covering the entire relevant spectrum of engineering solutions.


Reme and Associates, LLC works with homeowners, residential builders, architects, real estate developers, subcontractors and many others, providing them with high-quality engineering and drafting services.


The typical services we provide for our Residential clients include:


  • Structural Inspections and Evaluations
  • Structural Engineering and Drafting
  • Foundation Design
  • Framing
  • Drainage Plan
  • Septic and Well
  • Residential Solar
  • Site planning/zoning issues/variances
  • Residential Subdivisions


Our Engineers have worked on the following Residential Projects:

  • Worked for Architects on structural designs for custom residences including high wind areas.
  • Residential Subdivisions up to 1500 homes.
  • Structural Analysis for Residential Solar System Installation.
  • Foundation Inspection and Repair plans.
  • Structural inspections and repair design.
  • Drainage problems and design of repairs.
  • Septic System design


Our professional strength is reflected time after time, not only in the direct professional services we provide, but also in our unique capability to integrate working teams, coordinating the projects with the architects, construction contractors and real estate firms. This highly orchestrated project management guarantees that our residential engineering services are unique and structurally sound. For budget friendly solutions and designs contact Reme and Associates, LLC today.






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