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Reme and Associates, LLC is a full service multi-disciplined consulting engineering firm located in Central New Jersey.  With over twenty years of engineering expertise, we pride ourselves on providing innovative, cost-effective solutions to today's engineering problems.  Dedicated to providing a high quality of professional services in a cost-effective and timely manner, Reme and Associates, LLC is committed to providing excellent service, focusing on performance, integrity and innovation.


We serve all types of clients and can manage all projects, no matter how large and small.  From the single family home owner and small business owner to the large residential / commercial developer to the health care or educational provider, we will have an affordable solution for you.  We strive to develop and maintain long term, responsive and personal business relationships with our clients and to address their needs in a positive and successful manner. Through our commitment to the principles of integrity and quality, we utilize practical and innovative problem solving techniques to ensure that our clients' problems are resolved cost-effectively through technically sound, scientifically-based methods in an environmentally conscious and responsive manner.



Currently licensed in New York and New Jersey.  Contact us today for all of your engineering needs!























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